A fresh batch of eggs in the incubator

Several weeks back we hatched our first batch of chicks this year. Today, we setup the incubator again and added another 30 eggs, with more to come over the next few days.

chicks hatched from our first batch of eggs.

Our first batch wasn't completely successful, with only 17 chicks being hatched, but many of the eggs were fairly old, and possibly not that fertile. However, the chicks that did hatch are now a couple of weeks old and are thriving! The birds are Western Rustics; they are already getting big & strong and will become our next crop of meat birds.

Western Rustic meat birds from our first batch of eggs.

The new batch of eggs are much fresher, and should be more fertile than the first. In three weeks time, we'll let you know how many hatch this time around; we're sure it'll be more than 17!

If you're interesting in purchasing our Western Rustic eggs, chicks or chickens for meat, contact us now as they go fast. They're great chickens and the meat is just superb.

And if you want to try raising them yourselves, this page has some great information.

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