A New Year, and New Developments on the Farm

So here we are in January, 2021, and with COVID-19 still running rife, our society continues on with lock downs, face masks, physical distancing, and business closures. But despite the chaos, disruption, and disappointments, life on the farm goes on, and we're outlining and planning for the Spring.

We've a few things planned for development this year; a new shelter for events, some well-needed fence upgrades, an arena enlargement, and in-out paddocks for the barrel horses. And Gleneden Ridge Farm is still an Airbnb Superhost!

But the cutest development so far, is our new baby.

She's a Kunekune pig, currently only 4-weeks old, but by March she'll be in the barn, and out grazing with the goats by June.

We don't have a name for her as yet, but watch this space!


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