Another goat kid is born!

This past week, we've had lots of baby activity on the farm; first our 16 chicks, then two Nigerian Dwarf goat kids, followed by two lambs (who are still in the house as it's still too cold in the barn), and now, we've another goat kid; this time an Alpine cross.

goat kid

She's doing really well, and is already really active; the doe is also doing well, especially since she's a first-time mum.

Cinderella and her goat kid

That's three goats born in the past few days. They are a little early, but despite the weather being so cold, they're all doing excellent.

The new arrivals will be perfect for our farm going into the Spring. We'll be selling some, but the ones we keep will make great additions to our upcoming petting farm activities.

Want to find out more about owning a goat kid? Contact us by email or using the form on our Contacts page.

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