Barrel racing on Tuesday night

We were off back to Kamloops Race Central again last night, barrel racing with Lily, riding Rookie and Cora. It was a low turnout, which is understandable considering that we've just come of the back of a big race weekend (see last report).

More training for Cora in her time-onlies. It seems she's getting better and better, with Lily having more control over her all the time. This is great considering that only few weeks ago Cora was super-hot. When she got going in the race, Lily had real difficulty controlling her.

With the race in full-swing, Lily ran Rookie in the Open and Junior classes, racing into 1st in 1D position in the Juniors with a 19.555 second time. A respectable time for Rookie, with his barrel turns being better than previous; which is something that Lily is working to improve now.

Back barrel racing again next week as we're taking part in the first gymkhana of the year with the Git 'er Done Gymkhana Club at Pritchard this coming Saturday.

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