BCBRA barrel race – Kamloops Race Central

This Easter weekend, we attended the BCBRA-sponsored barrel race at Kamloops Race Central. The event was very well attended, attracting over 140 competitors in Pee Wee, Junior and Open classes.

Kamloops race central attendance.

Lily continued her training with Cora, running an excellent time-only with her. Cora seemed much more settled at this event, and didn't get as edgy as she has previously.

Lily running Cora through her time-only.

Lily, running Rookie in the Junior class, ran the full-sized barrel pattern in 20.761 seconds. This gave her her third consecutive 1st in 4D position, showing how consistent she's becoming. Now she needs build experience and work on her technique to start moving up the leader board.

Lily riding Rookie through her 1st-in-4D barrel race.

Next race is Tuesday night, back in Kamloops. We'll let you know later in the week how it goes.

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