Bengal and Lily; let the pony training begin!

Two weeks back we announced the arrival of our new rescue pony, in partnership with our friends at South Mymm's Farm. He's settling in nicely now, and gets on very well with Stella, our other new(ish) horse. So now the first elements of training can begin, so we can find out what he knows and how he reacts.

Bengal, our rescue pony, ready for his first training session with Lily.

Over the first couple of weeks, our daughter, Lily, has spent a fair bit of time just hanging out with him in his paddock, getting to know him. He was very scared to start with, but he's starting to trust her now, so it made sense for Lily to give him his first shake-down. And the pony handled it pretty well overall, as you can see in the video below.

There will be more updates on our blog soon to keep you updated on Bengal's progress.

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