Gleneden Ridge Farm’s Summer Season: A Recap

Now that our vacation season has drawn to a close, we'd like to thank all of our guests this year. We're very pleased that you've all had a good time here on the farm and sincerely hope to see you again soon.

Our Summer season had a late start, what with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc. It was late June when we our first Airbnb guests arrived, and July when we started running barrel races again.

But this late start gave us some breathing space when we could get some jobs done. We spent some time researching and trying out some new horses, as mentioned in this previous post, and we also made a few changes and upgrades around the farm.

Airbnb COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols in place

In accordance with current guidelines, we are following Airbnb's 5-Step Cleaning Protocol to ensure the cleanliness of our units and the safety of our guests. In addition, each RV is equipped with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes.

Upgraded fire pit

We have completely rebuilt the main fire pit. What was previously a simple rock circle on the grass island in front of the house is now a purpose built fire pit, with graveled 14' x 10' seating area, a circular firebrick fire pit (conforms to current code) with grill and tools, as well as seating and easy access to the log pile.

We have also purchased a portable iron fire pit so that guests can have a fire outside of their RV, rather than sharing the main area.

RV steps

Each trailer now has an additional 5" high and 4' wide step platform to allow easier access to kids and the elderly. Each platform has a non-slip rubber mat for safety, and there are non-slip rubber mats on the floor outside of each trailer too.

Other Changes

Deck Railings

We've replaced our old deck fence on the house with brand new black aluminum railings; much safer and conforms to current building code.

Kids Teeter-totter

We've added a kids teeter-totter to the play area for little ones to enjoy.

Vegetable Garden

We've added a vegetable garden close to the barn, where we're growing herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, squashes, peppers, corn, and pumpkins.

Hand-washing stations

We have also purchased several hand-washing stations that we placing in several areas around the farm - one in the barnyard, the other down by the tack room.

Preparing for next year

Now it the Fall and in the early Spring, we'll be preparing for our next season. We've lots of work today, improving fencing and gates, building shelters, and improving our overall experience. We are hoping that next year will be a better season for everyone, and that once again, we'll meet and great many happy families, and share with them a little piece of what we've created here.

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