High’s and lows; last weekend’s Git ‘er done gymkhana

We had some good points and some not-so-good at last weekend's Git 'er done double-run gymkhana, over in Pritchard. The weather was hot and the event was well attended.

Lily and Rookie

Lily and Rookie ran an awesome 17.9s barrel time for the first run, then an 18.2 in the second. Their pole run wasn't quite so successful, with the pair wiping out the first pole pattern, but doing somewhat better in the second. Lily and Rookie's stake races were pretty good too, leading them to a 3rd in 2d position at the end of the day.

Lily and Cora

Cora was definitely a fun ride this weekend. Her first barrel pattern saw her get hot and break pattern, but Lily managed to keep her on track for the second run, even if it was a bit of a rodeo! Poles and stake races too were a fight to get round, but at the end of it they still managed their first placed position at 8th in 3d. General consensus now is that with Cora being as hot as she is, it's time for a tie-down to help keep her in frame, so she'll go forward rather than up!

Lily and Cora's first barrel run.
Lily taking Cora through the poles.

Amanda and Stella

Amanda, riding Stella in only their second gymkhana was steady and purposeful on barrels, with a few control issues. Maybe switching from her bitless bridal to a snaffle may help? It seems so, as once Stella had adjusted to the bit, she was more controllable on the pole bending. And their stake race was much better, giving Amanda her a placed position - 6th in 4d. So it seems it may be time to switch to a bit instead of a hackamore full time for Stella.

Amanda riding Stella on their stake race.
Stella and Cora chillin' in the shade.

We're back with the Git 'er done gymkhana club in a month's time. This time for their annual camp-out at the end of June. Doubtless we'll have plenty to write about after that event!

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