It’s been a busy, events filled summer…

This Summer has been super busy at Gleneden Ridge Farm. We've all been running around like proverbial headless chickens, with events on and off the farm. Here's a little bit of what's been going on:


We've attended two gymkhana events in the past month. Both events had their respective high points and low points:

July 27th at Pritchard Rodeo Grounds:

This event with the Git 'er Done Gymkhana Club was a little on the damp side, with a few spots of rain throughout the event. This didn't spoil things though, as everyone carried on n good spirits regardless.

Amanda, riding Stella - her horse in training - rode through three very successful barrel, pole and stake races. Times weren't quick, but this was only Stella's second event. Amanda controlled Stella really well and she came out of it with a smile on her face, albeit a little soggy!

With Rookie out of action with a sore back, Lily brought Cora into action, and wow can that horse move! Her barrel run gave Lily her first 17-second time, and with succesful pole and stake races too, this netted her a 4th in 1d position at the end of the day - a personal best!

We also had our grand-daughter, Layla, out this weekend. She was riding Gru, one of our mini-horses, in the lead-line category, and had lots of fun!

Layla is back in the running at this years gymkhana events.

August 10th at Pritchard Rodeo Grounds:

This gymkhana was less successful for us. Amanda had to withdraw Stella as she was lame on her right rear, which was a shame as we were really looking forward to see how she'd progressed.

Once again, Lily rode Cora through a successful 18-second barrel pattern; her stake race was an amazing 21 seconds, but unfortunately, she knocked a pole over and broke pattern in her pole bending, so didn't end up placing. Lily was pleased with her times nevertheless.

With two no-placings out of three, it was down to Layla on Gru to finish the day high. Gru was especially sprightly today, and with decent barrel, pole and stake runs, she wrapped the day up with a fourth in lead-line; excellent!

Barrel Races:

Three barrel races have been attended as well, some with good results, others not so much:

July 18th at Chase Rodeo Grounds:

The first time we've attended at this venue. it was a well attended CBR race, however, we had to pull Rookie as he had soreness on his back, for which he received chiro the following day. Rookie was off for a couple of weeks but he's now very much recovered and racing again. That meant it was up to Lily on Cora to get the job done, and she did well, netting an 18.265 time.

July 20th at Kamloops Race Central

One of our favourite CBR venues, KRC was also very well attended. With Rookie being out of action, it was down to Lily on Cora to get the job done. Cora put in two respectable times - a 19.6 and a 20.3 - not bad considering she's still in training.

August 8th at Chase Rodeo Grounds

With the BCBRA this time; Rookie was back in action and hit a competitive 19.5 time, but just missed the placings by a tenth of a second, and Cora's controlled 20-second training run was well placed too.

Back on the farm

Equine events aside, we've had a lot going on back at the ranch. We've had back-to-back airbnb bookings since mid-May, which is hard work, but great to see the place so alive. We've had some amazing reviews from some very happy guests, and we're really pleased with how it's gone with our static RV rentals in our first year.

To make it more homely and relaxing, we've now installed all kinds of additions to make our guest's experience even better. We've added benches and picnic tables with umbrellas, a volleyball / badminton net, kids bikes, and a communal campfire with chairs, not to mention the rabbit and guinea pig runs we built for the garden area.

Umbrella bench so our guests can relax.
Airbnb guests can hold family events around our picnic bench.
New badminton and volleyball net.
Fireside events at Gleneden Ridge Farm.
Bunny run.
Guinea pig run.

We've other plans too, including a multi-use shelter for guest events, a new vegetable garden, and additional rental units, but that's for the future. We'll start some projects in the fall, so we're all ready for 2020. We'll keep you informed on our projects as they develop. It'll be another busy and exciting year, that's for sure!

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