Man’s best friends, and horses too!

Life on the farm can be hard work, but it certainly has it's rewards. And not just in the way us mortal humans think, but also between the animals themselves. For instance, the animals establish a bond between each other that we don't always see. Like Ellie and Rudi being friends in this video:

It seems that the dogs are horse's best friend too, as well as man's! But Leon, our Border Collie, wants to be friends with everyone, loves attention from people, and once he hugs you he isn't letting go:

man's best friends

Even the biggest animals can be cute and playful. Our Jersey cow, Barnaby being a prime example in this video:

And the chickens in the barn like hanging out together too.

Chickens: friends for life

And not forgetting our small animals; guinea pigs and bunnies are always good for a hug, and the more you handle them, the more friendly they become!

Bunny friends

Rosie and Jack Sparrow

The animals are some of our best friends, always reliable, and they don't ask for anything in return. Just the way it should be!

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