Meet Bengal, the latest addition to our horse herd

We'd like you to please welcome Bengal, our new horse. We purchased him in partnership with our friends at South Mymm's Farm. He's been neglected for quite some time, and is relatively untrained. so this year, we'll be working with him together to see where we can take him and what he can do.

Our new horse, Bengal.

At 14 hands, he's a pony about the same size as Rudy, our Icelandic horse, and just as handsome! He's a nervous lad though, so it's going to take some time for us to get to know him, and him us.

Bengal, our new horse, hanging out in his paddock.

After a couple of weeks, he is starting to settle in. We can now approach him without him running off scared, which is a great start. He's taken a particular liking to our daughter, Lily, who regularly hangs out with him in his paddock.

We'll be updating our blog regularly on Bengal's progress, so check back again soon.

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