Our first barrel race of 2019

This past weekend saw Lily's first CBR barrel race this year. We took two horses, Rookie, Lily's usual barrel horse, and Cora, who was previously being used as Lily's hunter-jumper while she was in Pony Club.

It was a double-run event with a smaller barrel pattern. She got to race both horses twice, which was perfect for breaking them in to this year's busy schedule.

Cora was up first, and despite not having run a barrel pattern for some years, she did pretty well, although her first barrel was wide, coming in at 17.06 seconds.

Her second run was more controlled and a little slower at just over 18 seconds.

Second up was Rookie, who's first run came in at 17.08 seconds, but his second run was a blistering 16.06; one of his fastest times to date, and giving Lily a 3rd in 3D position. Not bad considering that neither of the horses we ridden much over the winter and had lost some muscle mass.

We're looking forward to the next barrel race now on April 2nd in Kamloops, which will hopefully be more successful as both horses are now being ridden daily.

Watch for more updates soon!

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