Say ‘hello’ to our new barnyard friends!

We'd like to introduce two new members of our barnyard community; Primrose the Kunekune piglet, and our as yet unnamed calf.


Please welcome Primrose, our new Kunekune piglet!

She's currently only 10-weeks old, but she's already settled in the barn with our Nigerian Dwarf goats, although she does come in the house when its really cold.

She's very curious, gets on well with her new animal friends, and is very comfortable hanging out with the goats and chickens in the barn; our dogs love her, treating her with lots of licks and tail-wags!

She loves feasting on all of our veggie and fruit scraps, and thoroughly enjoys all the petting and tummy scratches that she gets in her new home!

The cow with no name (at the moment)

And this morning, we collected our new calf. She's an 18-day-old speckled-cross-Brown Swiss. She has her own stall in the middle of the barn, nestled between the goats, piglet and chickens!

She's a little shy and unsure at the moment, having just been moved to a new home after a car ride, but she'll soon get used to all the hustle and bustle of her new barnyard environment, and it won't be long before she makes some new friends!

We'll post more pictures and info as they both settle in and grow, so check back regularly.

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