Survival of the Fittest

18 months ago, our rabbits had babies. As they grew older, we moved them onto the grass in the yard, where they were all very happy. Apart from one black bunny.

A cute, black bunny kept digging his way out of the run. We'd catch him, put him back, then he'd somehow find is way out, even when no way out existed. Ultimately, the day came in the Fall of 2019 when we were unable to re-catch him, so we thought 'if he wants to be free, then let him'. And that was that, and with eagles, bears, and coyotes roaming around the acreage, we didn't expect to see him again.

How wrong we were!

The juvenile bunny somehow made it through a harsh winter, tormenting the dogs (who could never keep up with him) and spending the cold nights in the barn with the chickens, goats and Marmalade, the barn cat.

18 months on, Black Bunny is still going strong and still chillin' and playing with the other barn yard animals, He's been roaming the neighborhood, finding shelter and bolt-holes everywhere to escape from danger.

And the dogs still can't catch him!

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