The First Glimmers of Spring in Gleneden.

Finally, at last, it looks like Spring is on it's way!

Snow melt in the barn yard.

First, there were areas or snow melting around the trees, on our roofs, around the barns. Then appeared areas of brown earth and dead grass where once was snow. It seems that now the thaw is upon us!

Ducks making their way to the pond.

Once again, the ducks are making there way down to the pond, instead of lingering moodily around the barn. And the goats are boldly venturing up to the hillside, where previously they'd just hang around, bleating in the loafing shed.

Barnaby the cow.

And Barnaby the cow is very happy to see the snow on it's way out; he doesn't like it one bit!

Spring time shedding on our mini horses.

The horses are starting to shed their winter layers too, as you can see by the state of the coats on our two mini horses.

Everywhere there is mud. But that's OK because soon there will be grass on the ground, and blossom on the trees. It's only been three month's since the first snows fell, but it seems like a lifetime. And now, Spring is but a stone's throw away.

Spring on the hillside.

Now we can start our busy year in earnest, and we're looking forward to it. We have guests to prepare for, events to plan, and races to run, so keep an eye on our website to see what we're doing.

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