This week’s barrel race at Kamloops Race Central.

This last week, on a breezy Tuesday night, saw the final race of the April series at Kamloops Race Central. We had three horses with us: Lily riding Rookie in the race, with Cora in training. And Amanda riding Stella in training for the first time in a barrel arena for a time-only.

20 riders were signed up for the race, will Lily and Rookie running 9th. They didn't get their fastest time, however, Rookie's barrel turns were much better than previous races, and the 19.9 second time was still good enough to get her 1st place in the Juniors.

Cora's barrel training continued in the right direction. Lily ran her through a couple of successful time-onlies at an easy, controllable pace.

Similarly, Stella's training continued, with Amanda and her really starting to bond now. Stella has mainly been ridden through trails of recent, so running her through a barrel pattern was new. Nevertheless, Amanda steered Stella through a successful pattern, without any major mishaps. Awesome considering that only a few months ago she was hard to ride.

So that's all for Kamloops Race Central for the moment. Lily & Amanda will be riding Cora & Stella respectively at the Git 'er done Gymkhana Club event this coming Saturday, so check back next week for more about the gymkhana, and how they fared.

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