This week’s barrel racing.

This past week saw us attend two separate barrel races. One at Ridge View Arena, Pritchard on Saturday, and the other at Kamloops Race Central on Tuesday night.

Saturday's CBR race at Pritchard was damn cold and more than a little damp. Luckily we had an indoor arena to race in, and with Lily riding Rookie, she acquitted herself well, pulling off a 1st in 4D position, despite the cold with a 17.08s time over the short pattern.

Tuesday night was dry and mild at Kamloops Race Central for the CBR / BCBRA race, and with a breezy cross-wind, Lily, again riding Rookie, put in a 19.05s time that gave her another 1st in 4D position!

She also took Cora - her barrel-horse-in-training - to this race to do some time-only's and a bit of barrel practice with friends after the race. And Cora is starting to listen to Lily rather than do her own thing and they put in some decent runs.

Stay engaged: more event reports coming soon!

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