RV pad in development

This week, we started on the development of our new RV pad. The idea is to widen the driveway, and have a bay in the embankment in which our airbnb rental 29ft travel trailer is nestled, surrounded by a grassy bench for viewing, picnics etc.

As you can see, we've completed the groundwork to dig out the bay, and we've dumped a load of road mulch in order to start building up the pad, which we'll be spreading over the next few days. Then we can bring our travel trailer back to site, ready for our Summer guests.

We've also worked on some other projects to improve the farm. We have an artesian well that runs continuously through a wide-bore hose into the pond. Until now, this hose was in the way above ground, ready for people and horses to trip over. Now, after Monday's digging, its safely concealed three feet below the surface. All we need is some grass seed and a few inches of rain and the grass will return to the site.

buried artesian well hose, finished development.

The other development that we worked on was the drainage in the bottom field. The field is our largest, but wettest, and at this time of year is nothing short of swampy. The previous owners added some drainage pipes to the southern end of the field, but it wasn't quite enough, so we've added a drainage ditch that runs from where the water exits the pond to the ditch on the western side of the field.

bottom field drainage ditch development

And already, the field is starting to drain. Hopefully this year it will be more than just Autumn pasture!

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