Around the Farm

Gleneden Ridge is a small working family farm, and our barn yard friends are always there to entertain.

We have playful goats, such as Angel. She's a Toggenburg and one of our friendliest goats.

around the farm, Angel the goat.
Chickens in the barn

And here's a glimpse of our busy barn, which is normally full of chickens and ducks when the goats are out in the fields.

Our animals are friendly, but please be careful; here are some basic rules:

  • please do not feed the animals unless we're around as some of them have specialized dietary requirements
  • remember to pick up any garbage and don't leave any food or drink lying around
  • please do not enter the animal pens or paddocks unless one of us is around to advise you

As well as the barn yard, we also have a number of horses and mini horses in the pastures around the farm. Again, these are friendly animals, but be aware that horses are large animals, unaware of their own size, so please take care when you're around them.

Mini horse
Muscovy ducklings for sale

Note that we are a working farm, and smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.

Contact us for more information on our farm, animal friends and produce.