Spring time is here!

Cleaning up and gearing up for the coming season.

So here we are at the beginning of Spring 2021, and after a muddy winter, there's lots of cleaning up and repair to do around the place, as well as some updates that we've been waiting to do.

Barn Updates and Spring Cleaning

The first thing was the barn. It had been unloved for years, the windows were falling apart, the inside had some weird, ramshackle partitions at the back, and the whole face was full of spiderwebs; thousands of them! So, we decided to replace the old, opaque fiberglass windows with brand new clear Plexiglas ones that let in a lot more light. Then we tore down the old partitions, and finally cleaned up spider webs and other dusty detritus.

The next thing was the goat-and-mini-horse pen. I was in bad shape after the winter; full of manure and old hay, so we set to with forks, shovels, and wheelbarrows, and in 90 minutes, it was in much better shape, with new grass shoots coming through already.

After that we reconfigured the barnyard fencing back to its non-Winter state, repaired some fencing in the middle field, cleared up a load of fallen branches, and then divided the front field in half, moved Louie and Joker into the back-half, gave the front a good harrow, and we'll allow it to rest and grow after the winter.

See how Primrose and Calipso are growing!

With the barn cleanup and repair done, it was time to make sure all the animals were happy. Primrose the pig and Calipso the cow are thriving in their new homes; they fit in well, the kids love them, and we've started introducing the horses to them as well. And the other barn yard friends - the goats, chickens, ducks, and mini-horses - are happy too in their new, clean, barn.

Getting the horses in shape

Now that the snow has virtually disappeared, we can get the riding arena back in shape, so we can start getting the horses back in shape, ready for the fast-approaching gymkhana and barrel race season. And while the arena was drying out, we brushed off the horse trailer and took our first haul-out to Ridge View Arena in Pritchard.

Spring times are busy times, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

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