An Impromptu Funkhana

This past weekend, we were supposed to go to a 'funkhana' mountain trail event in White Lake, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, the event got cancelled. We were all prepared, disappointed, and had food ready for the potluck, and with the day being nice and sunny, there was nothing else to do but create our own!

Sunday morning, we had nothing but a teeter-totter, some barrels, and a few poles, so we set about building all kinds of obstacles to create our event.

Within a few short hours, we had tarp pinned down in the arena to walk over, along with a log pile to walk through, a jump, a rope gate, a pool-noodle-tree obstacle, lariat and hoop toss games, a sleigh pull, and flag race; We had adults, kids, and horses; what more could we ask for; we were ready to go! Thank you Steven for helping us build the obstacles.

Starting with lead liners, we had Rosy and Layla, initially on their mini-horses - Agi and Gru - they couldn't get enough and finished off by riding their mum's horse, Bonnie, through the course. We followed the kids by the rest of the family, with Jodie on Bonnie doing really well, with the two barrel horses of Lily and Amanda finishing off, although with a few challenges along the way!

Rosie on Gru

We finished off the day with a barbecue full of burgers, sausages, salads and cake; a perfect end to a perfect day!

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